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Saturday, February 24, 2024

About AutoRek

Using cutting-edge technology, first-class implementation and subject matter expertise, we aim to build custom reconciliation solutions that reduce operational costs and save time for our clients. We deliver data confidence through innovative technology and a collaborative, people-first approach.

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March 28 2023

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UK Fintech Autorek Rebrands as It Plans Global Expansion

February 21 2023

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AutoRek on Automation, RTP, and the Evolving Payments Ecosystem

January 16 2023

We talk to Hugh Burden, the Head of Sales at AutoRek, about the innovations in […]

AutoRek's Hugh Burden on the 3 Challenges of Cross Border Payments

January 9 2023

AutoRek’s Head of Sales, Hugh Burden, on Cross Border Payments and the 3 challenges that […]

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January 2 2023

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Hugh Burden on why Banks Relying on Excel is a Problem

December 19 2022

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November 30 2022

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November 28 2022

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Hugh Burden on Why FIs Need to Invest in their Back and Middle Office

November 21 2022

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AutoRek's Hugh Burden on the Value of Data in the Payments Industry

November 14 2022

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Hugh Burden - AutoRek - What is AutoRek?

November 7 2022

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The Paytech Show 6.02: Automating Real Time Payments with AutoRek & ACI Worldwide

October 27 2022

The mechanics of moving money requires a team of players: merchants, banks, software providers, and […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Sunset on the Office"- Nick Botha, AutoRek; Tony Warren, Lloyds Banking Group and Robert Swales, Nationwide in 'Discover Money20/20'

September 27 2021

As home working becomes a permanent arrangement for many, AutoRek’s Nick Botha, Tony Warren from […]

AutoRek: Global end-to-end Payments Platform

August 12 2021

The Paymentech boom has accelerated with the emergence of new technologies including Blockchain, digital currencies […]

FF Virtual Arena: Future of Retail Banking - Back and Middle Office Technology

April 28 2021

AutoRek and their client’s Nationwide Building Society and Lloyds Banking Group discuss the future of […]

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