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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Nick Botha

Nick Botha

Business Development Manager

About Nick Botha

I am a Sales and Relationship Manager for AutoRek. I look after the the banking and payments sectors from a sales perspective. Working alongside a variety of teams within my organisation to ensure a smooth and professional sales process is followed to provide our clients with the best service from lead generation to go live of the project implementation.

AutoRek is an award winning global platform for financial controls and regulatory data management. Implemented in many of the world’s largest organisations, our range of deployments vary from high volume data migrations, elimination of manual processes and spreadsheets, regulatory reporting, reduction in fast close processes, to mitigation of operational and regulatory risk.

My goal for my organisation is to win new business, however making sure the clients receive the best quality service and best available product, to meet their business requirements, is paramount.

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