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Monday, June 05, 2023

Piers Williams – AutoRek – Insurtech Insights Europe 2023

At Insurtech Insights Europe 2023, we were joined in the JobsOhio lounge by Piers Williams, the Global Insurance Sales Manager at AutoRek. Autorek aims to build custom reconciliation solutions that reduce operational costs and save time for businesses.

“One of the great things about Autorek is our very versatile and flexible platform. We work with many different teams and support many different processes across the industry, but typically we’d be looking to work with the likes of finance, operations, accounting, IBA, credit control and even your technology functions within an insurance business.”

“We work with some of the large insurers. We do things like their credit control and accounts receivable automation processes. We also do things like intersystem reconciliations, intercompany reconciliations, data warehouse, and then other things such as their financial close. We can act as an operational financial sub-ledger feeding into that general ledger platform.”

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