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Saturday, February 24, 2024

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EXCLUSIVE: "Moving the Dial on Financial Crime" - David Howes, Standard Chartered in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Change and risk are two sides of the same progressive coin. It’s why banks for […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Lessons from the blockchain frontline" - Nish Kotecha, Finboot in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Nish Kotecha, Chairman and Co-Founder of Finboot, a blockchain enabler, examines blockchain’s role in the […]

EXCLUSIVE: "The New Frontier" - Alan Marquard, Mastercard in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Alan Marquard looks at cross-border developments and explains how Mastercard is helping smaller players navigate […]

EXCLUSIVE: "In parallel worlds" - Christian Luckow, Danske Bank in 'The Paytech Magazine'

While it sounds unlikely, combining agile methodology with a deadline-driven waterfall approach worked well for […]

EXCLUSIVE: "POS and Beyond" - Steven Stewart, myPOS in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Steven Stewart, from myPOS, discusses how smaller businesses and ISVs are benefiting from point of […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Open All Hours" - Emily Fallon, Tyl by NatWest in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Can the battered UK high street enjoy a revival? If merchants embrace hybrid payments, Emily […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Endless POS-ibilities" - Martin Herlinghaus, Aevi in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Martin Herlinghaus, Director of Corporate Development at Aevi, describes how payments orchestration can empower merchants […]

EXCLUSIVE: "The Payments Champion" - Anurag Bajaj, Standard Chartered in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Standard Chartered is actively working with alternative payments providers to operate in its franchise markets. […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Dear CEO...we've got you covered" - Nick Botha, AutoRek in 'The Paytech Magazine'

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has put payments innovators on notice. Nick Botha, global payments […]

EXCLUSIVE: "The New Era of Transactions" - Chris Kronenthal, FreedomPay in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Next-level technology is here – the question is, how do acquirers and merchants use it […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Moving fast to change things' - Amanda Shoffel, Bitstamp in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Will crypto come of age in a new era of regulation? Amanda Shoffel, Bitstamp’s Chief […]

EXCLUSIVE: "A 'LEGO Moment' for payments' - Simon Wilson, valantic FSA in 'The Paytech Magazine'

ISO 20022 could be the foundation on which financial institutions can build an infinite number […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Checkout choices" - Harshna Cayley, Barclaycard Payments in 'The Paytech Magazine'

With consumers demanding fewer barriers between the physical and digital worlds, Barclaycard Payments is using […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Rite of Passage" - Jack Ehlers, Bitstamp; Bradley Riss, Checkout.com, Megan Nilsson, Crypto Megan and Jimmy Nguyen, Blockchain For All in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Bitstamp’s Crypto Pulse Report suggested earlier this year that digital assets could replace traditional investments […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Hitting the Mark" - Nathan Shinn, BillingPlatform in 'The Paytech Magazine'

The last thing cost-conscious customers need right now is to receive incorrect bills. Businesses must […]

EXCLUSIVE: "ISO 20022: Ready or Not?" - Matt Sarkar, valantic FSA in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Matt Sarkar, Global Head of Marketing for valantic FSA, outlines what a low-code approach to […]

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