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Wednesday, December 06, 2023

The Insurtech Show #18: Automation is Unlocking the Future of Insurance. With Hastings Direct, AutoRek and CFC

We’re back with another episode of The Insurtech Show, featuring Hastings Direct Chief Information Officer Sasha Jory, Piers Williams who heads up Global Insurance Sales at AutoRek and Jonathan Fletcher, the CTO of CFC, to hear how insurance automation is pulling the industry into the future. In the FF News Studio, Piers Williams speaks about the desire to save valuable time and streamline the customer experience by automating data collection.

CFC and Hastings are both making serious strides in that area and Jory talks about the changes they’ve made to their infrastructure to get ahead of the competition and respond to changes in the market. Fletcher points out where they can add value and even create a better experience for their employees too. In this episode we also hear about how insurers can respond to real time data and the accelerated use of APIs and SaaS to change the trajectory of your company.

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