" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Exclusive: ‘This Eagle has Landed’ – Amanda "Shoot for the Stars" Orson, Curve in “Buckaroos 2022”
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
City Week 2023

Exclusive: ‘This Eagle has Landed’ – Amanda “Shoot for the Stars” Orson, Curve in “Buckaroos 2022”

Pocketful of aces? Cards up your sleeve? Or perhaps in your back-pocket? Don’t be an amateur! Keeping them all in one place is one of the many roles of Head of Curve’s US Expansion, Amanda Orson… the latest arrival to LegendsVille. Amanda Orson, Curve | Fintech Finance

This is one poker-faced bandit you don’t want to meet the other side of the blackjack table. Picture the scene, ice clinking against the bourbon glass, nervous laughter in the dusty heat. And…BAM! Saloon doors crash inwards, there stands a silhouetted Orson against the high noon sky. She’s on a mission to bring the London-based brand to the US. This buckaroo is shooting for the star-spangled banner…and she’s absolutely nailing it.

Exploding Curve into North America

Here at Fintech Finance, we’re fans of Curve. The brand won our epic fintech rap battle, and Kate Rosseau also made our list of rip roaring Swashbucklers last year. (We’re not really fans of “lists”. Much better are cowboy towns and pirate ships). Heading the North American expansion of an emerging finance titan is never easy, but Orson does it with true Western style. Since joining in 2020, Curve secured a whooping $95 million towards its US launch in a super successful series C funding round. Yes Orson!

Firing out some bloody good tweets!

But there’s more to Orson than her role at Curve. Casual side hustles include advising venture capital and private equity firm Gauss Ventures, fire-fighting(!) as well as shooting out exceptionally snappy and useful tweets. From machine learning to real estate, Orson’s tweets are so on-point, we think they should be renamed “treats”.

Orson is especially enthusiastic about all things crypto, keeping her nearly-19 thousand followers up-to-date on the hottest intel around. Welcome to the round-up, Amanda “Shoot for the stars” Orson … You’re acing it!.


This article was published in “Buckaroos 2022”, Page 11

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