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Sunday, December 04, 2022

Exclusive: ‘Hell or High Water’ – Sam “The Engineer” Maule, Google in “Buckaroos 2022”

Legend Alert! Sam Maule has had a double career. Starting off as a technician for the US Navy, he spent nine years ENGINEERING SUBMARINES. Amazing. Then (and this is the bit we can’t wrap our heads around), he went from his super cool “James Bond on an underwater mission” lifestyle to … pension planning?! WHAAAAATT. After nine plus years of retirement consulting, Maule blended his contrasting careers into one epic fintech cocktail. BAM!

Today he’s a Key Account Executive at Google, on every fintech list imaginable (we are not a list by the way, we are a Wild West Cowboy Town called LegendVille) and he’s absolutely smashing it.

Super, crazy modest

One thing we love about Maule is his down-to-earth good vibes. We enquired about his ultimate superpower – a free pass to show-off outrageously – and got this uber-gracious reply. “My kids once gave me a t-shirt”, begins Maule. “That simply says ‘Talentless but connected’. Amen. I don’t know a lot. But I know a lot of people who know a lot”.

And on that basis… We’d like to award Maule a million points for modesty. Throughout his interview, Maule consistently batted the credit to someone else, and really spread the love. Not to be super shady, but it’s a rare trait in the world of finance and technology. We were keen to find out more about what makes Maule tick. “It is a bit cliché, but I always try to remember ‘it’s not about me’”, he answers. Could this guy even BE any nicer?

Driven to succeed

But don’t be fooled into thinking Maule’s just a nice guy. Oh no Siree. Because Maule has shaken things up like a polaroid picture. “My career has spanned 30 years so I’ve lived through the rise of computers, the internet, beepers to flip phones to smartphones, to IoT, etc. And I’ve loved every minute of it!”, he elaborates.

“I joined Google back in December of 2020 because as a friend of mine put it ‘Google has the potential to actually improve peoples’ lives at a global scale’. How’s that for a challenge…?”, Maule reveals.

We could keep going forever, but we don’t have the word-count. Sam “The Engineer” did however leave us with this jaw-dropping exclusive…

“I’m living out my last decade in payments/banking”. NOOOO!!! “And I’m ready for this stage to be one where we actually deliver on the concept of the democratization of financial services”, he finishes.

BAM! Strong ending there. Welcome to LegendVille, Sam “The Engineer” Maule!


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