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Exclusive: ‘The Cutting Edge Creative’ – Katie Rosseau, Curve in “Swashbucklers 2020”

Fresh, sharp and brave – that’s Katie Rosseau. Less than two years ago she strolled into the world of fintech and gave it the make-over of a lifetime. We’re so impressed with the way Rosseau’s taken Curve’s brand and transformed it into something that’s so cool, it rivals even world-famous designers. This fierce fintecher is fairly new to the industry, but she’s already whipped up a storm and set one hell of a new standard. For raising the bar and exceeding all expectations, we had to include the graphics guru that is Kate Rosseau in our top 25 fintech swashbucklers… How could we not? Katie Rosseau, Curve | Fintech Finance

For saying no to all things boring

Rosseau has ripped away so much of the tired fintech branding and replaced it with something so much better. We asked her more about her approach, and how she manages to pull so much creativity out of the sector. “Years ago I worked at JP Morgan Chase”, Rosseau explains. “When I left to enter the agency world, I swore I would never work in finance again. It was boring, rigid, and had very little room for creative thinking. Fintech is everything but. Fulfilling Curve’s mission means that I get to challenge everything I hated about traditional banking on a daily basis. I love that”. We love that too!

Getting the branding right isn’t just a matter of nice-to-have stuff… that’s the incumbent way of thinking. It’s essential for people to understand how the fintech works, and how it can help them. Without the catchy taglines and memorable communication, customers will be stuck in the sad dark ages with dinosaur institutions which don’t improve their lives. Boo! It’s with amazing ads and impactful interfaces that fintech gets ahead. So, we’re raising a glass to the wonderful marketers, copywriters, graphic designers, email marketing guys and more who help to bring the tech to the eyes of customers. You guys make the world of difference and we love you! We especially love trailblazer Rosseau, who has absolutely smashed it with her creative edginess. Go on Rosseau!! 

For embracing all the different skills and mindsets in fintech

We couldn’t resist the chance to ask Rosseau her top tips for newbies into the industry, and she pinged back these wonderful words of wisdom; “Own and leverage what makes you different. Fight the urge to conform and find people who do the same. Diversity fuels creativity, bold thinking, and success”. We think it fuels kick ass awesomeness too! Fintech is for everyone, by everyone, and there’s always room for fresh thinking.

What’s next?

So where is this stylistic swashbuckler headed to next? We managed to get the latest on what Rosseau’s up to, and it looks like she’s planning to stick with Curve. “Evolving Curve’s brand as we continue to grow globally”, she explains.

Rosseau’s strategy is to keep smashing it even harder, but this time over the pond. “I’m especially excited about Curve’s US expansion. No, really, I got chills typing that”, she reveals. “I have so many ideas about how this will look like stateside. We’re all excited about the challenge of ‘making it in the US’. Bring it on. Americans desperately need a Curve. Trust me, I am one”. Bring it on indeed!

This article was published in Swashbucklers 2020, Page 15

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