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Monday, December 05, 2022

Exclusive: ‘There’s a New Sheriff in Town’ – Julie “One To Watch” Rasmussen, Simply Finances in “Buckaroos 2022”

We’re going to level with you. We knew that Rasmussen was kind of a big deal, and we knew that she’d freshly launched a fintech company, Simply Finances. But oh, my days. It wasn’t until we started researching her, did we realise how insanely bad-ass she is.

Adventure awaits!

Reading about Rasmussen’s life was like watching a Ted Talk. We’ve come away feeling like anything is possible. Case in point. We asked her, “Climbed any mountains? Run any marathons? What have you done that we wouldn’t know about?”. We ask this to flesh out the character and get to know the person.

Uhhh… we were not expecting Ramussen’s answer. Which started like this, “Once I spent two months living in a tent on the side of a river in Siberia and running Class V rapids in an inflatable raft at the height of the spring runoff”. And ended like this, “Before we left, the tribesman approached the head of the Russian rafting team and offered to buy me to be his wife. I’m not sure exactly how many horses he offered, but I’ve always wondered if I should have taken him up on his offer lol”. Our jaws are on the actual floor. What a life!! We swear Rasmussen has had more adventures than Tarzan.

Ok, amazing fireside stories aside… Why did we pick her to be a buckaroo?

Turning her business skills to fintech

Well, here’s the thing. She’s the one to watch. Rasmussen has a history of transforming $0 companies into $100 million ones. In her own words, “I was able to scale the company from zero to over $100 M in sales in five years and produced the highest EBITDA in company history”. Unsurprisingly, she won the esteemed “Businessperson of the Year award”, presented by the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia. She’s now the only woman elected to sit on the Chamber’s board too. And now … hold on to your (cowboy) hats… She’s entering the world of fintech.

Her fintech, Simply Finances, is fresh out of the bag at the time of writing. Not even a year old. But it’s powerful stuff! Like Elas, the Brazilian neobank founded by our 2020 Swashbuckler Dr Vanise Zimmer, Rasmussen’s fintech is created for women.

A fintech for women, by women

Ready to see how an elevator pitch should be done? … Take it away Rasmussen! “Women’s World Banking puts this untapped market at $300 Billion and a study by Oliver Wyman puts it at $700 Billion globally”, she explains.

“For all its innovativeness, the current fintech industry, just like the traditional financial services industry, struggles to connect with female customers. Our company aims to increase the uptake of financial products and services by women through increasing financial literacy and awareness of what fintech has to offer”. BAM! And uhh… where do we sign up?


This article was published in “Buckaroos 2022”, Page 17

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