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NatWest teams with Accenture and Microsoft on new customer service platform

NatWest teams with Accenture and Microsoft on new customer service platform | Fintech Finance

NatWest is working with Accenture and Microsoft to build a new customer engagement platform that will replace its multi-system, legacy frontline architecture.

The new platform will integrate all of NatWest’s legacy front office systems across its contact centre and branch networks, customer messaging, video banking and complaints channels onto a single, digital platform.

As customers of all ages become more accustomed to engaging digitally with their bank post-pandemic, expectations for a quick and convenient experience are higher than ever. Banks need to ensure that staff are meeting customers’ ever complex needs in important moments that require the human touch, as the pandemic and the rising cost of living continue to have a material impact on people’s financial situations.

The project brings together Accenture’s expertise in helping banks across the world continuously drive innovation through technology with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a portfolio of intelligent business applications that empowers everyone to deliver operational excellence and create more engaging customer experiences.

In the first part of its transformation, the bank is launching a new appointment booking service, replacing multiple systems with a single, real-time booking platform accessible to colleagues and directly to customers. This will reduce appointment booking times by up to 75% and significantly improve customer experience. Annually, this could free up approximately 88,000 hours that colleagues can use for more value-added activities. For example, this would enable NatWest staff to carry out over 6,500 more meetings to discuss a customer’s individual mortgage needs or support customers in other significant financial moments.

Wendy Redshaw, Chief Digital Information Officer, Retail Banking at NatWest said: “Over 8m of our customers are regular users of our market-leading mobile app and alongside this our colleagues are there for important moments. Our investment in integrating all of our colleague support tools onto one, digital platform will enable our staff to really focus on delivering personalised support for each and every one of our customers at every stage of their lives.”

Nina Raphael, Managing Director in Accenture’s UK financial service practice added: “The creation of a single digital platform to support all of NatWest’s customer service and support functions will not only improve speed and efficiency of service, but it will enable many more hours to be dedicated to the human side of banking. This is particularly crucial given the financial challenges that many in the UK are facing with energy price hikes, bigger bills and tax increases. The prominent role of banks in helping customers navigate these challenging conditions is growing and improving digital capabilities will significantly free up NatWest staff to focus on providing support in these times of financial difficulty for many.”

Rob Smithson, Business Applications Lead at Microsoft UK said: “By combining the expertise of Accenture and the power of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform, NatWest can deliver exceptional customer experiences, building value and loyalty through deeper customer insights and relationships. This provides NatWest with a strong digital foundation that places customers at the heart of their business, allowing them to deliver the right products and services to the right people.”


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