" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Exclusive: ‘Saving the Day for NGOs!’ – Francesca "Fintech for Good", Goodbox in “Buckaroos 2022”
Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Exclusive: ‘Saving the Day for NGOs!’ – Francesca “Fintech for Good”, Goodbox in “Buckaroos 2022”

You know what we love about this bunch of bombastic buckaroos? It’s their unyielding focus on people and improving the lives of others. Francesca Hodgson, Goodbox | Fintech Finance

Leading the way in this noble cause is founder and COO of GoodBox herself, Francesca “Fintech for Good” Hodgson. She’s rescued more charities and Non Governmental Organisations than we can shake a lasso at, and is poised for even more fintech philanthropy. Go on Hodgson!

Facilitating contactless payments for charities

So, what is GoodBox? And why did Hodgson co-found it? Well, in her own words…

“We launched Goodbox in 2016 and I personally had worked for 10 years with non-profit organisations and could see how desperately the sector needed digital innovation. We took a problem-first approach that centred around the devastating impact a cashless society was having on non-profit fundraising. So much charitable work relies on the generosity of donor support, to contextualise this further an average of $10bn each year is given to non-profit causes. These causes underpin our communities and provide much needed services”.

This Cambridge graduate wasted no time in creating a simple-yet-genius solution, the “Tap To Give” boxes were born. From museums to churches, more than 1,700 charities have signed up to become clients of GoodBox.

Maximising revenue and increasing security

Since creating these cashless ways for charities to access capital, GoodBox’s non-profit organisations have enjoyed soaring increases in revenue – And these much needed funds were invaluable over the past couple of years. “We have recently reached a key milestone of 1 million donations and now have over 2,000 clients across the UK”, Hodgson explains. “One figure that really highlights the impact of our solution is that our early adopters have seen an average increase in donations of 68% by using one or more of our products”.

We quizzed Hodgson on the uncomfortable question of whether GoodBox is a for-profit company. And the answer we received was so satisfactory, we’ve come away as even bigger fans than we were before. GoodBox is a tech company, it has to be for-profit. BUT… And it’s a big but… the company pays for itself by massively boosting revenue for charities, it’s the ultimate win-win.

“Our aim for all our charity clients is to deliver a return of 5 times on any investment made in a GoodBox product”, Hodgson explains. “Along with helping them reduce fraud, increase security and reduce administration”. Nice!

Watch this space!

But Hodgson is not yet done on her mission to revolutionise payments for good causes. Oh no Sir. She has ambitions to continue rocking the charity sector with cashless fintech. “Our plans for the future include scaling up our UK operations and expanding internationally. We will also continue to invest in R&D to help the non-profit sector with digital tools and valuable data insight”. Go on Hodgson!


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This article was published in “Buckaroos 2022”, Page 10

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