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Monday, December 05, 2022

Exclusive: ‘Inspirational Innovator’ – Charlotte Crosswell, Innovate Finance in “Swashbucklers 2020”

As we began researching the spectacular career of Charlotte Croswell, CEO of Innovate Finance, we found ourselves getting lost in the powerful content she’s been a part of. Several hours later when we re-emerged, we continued our research and fell even more in love with Crosswell. Under her leadership, Innovate Finance has become more inclusive.

The content and programmesare for everyone. Not just stuffy, old, white guys with Rolexes and nose hair (sorry old guys). There’s even engaging material for school kids. Get in! We love Crosswell so much, we might get t-shirts. Of course, she makes it onto our ship of savvy Swashbucklers.Charlotte Crosswell, Innovate Finance | Fintech Finance

Taking Innovate Finance to the next level
Where to begin? Well… Innovate Finance’s Fintech for Schools is a good start. It’s a game-changer. It levels the playfield for entry and encourages people from all backgrounds to take part. “We’re really keen to leverage technology to inspire our next generation of Fintech entrepreneurs”, elaborates Crosswell. “And at the same time encourage financial wellbeing for kids at school”.

Bringing a diverse range of people into the boardroom is important to Crosswell. It comes across time and time again in her work. When we asked her more about her future plans, finding new ways to fix the issue topped the list. “We want to continue work on inspiring people of all backgrounds to come into the sector”, Crosswell explains. “To move the dialogue forward on diversity and inclusion, and work on an inclusive culture across the sector”. Innovate Finance has several initiatives aimed at helping more people access finance and fintech.

A quick count-up shows that there are at least three ongoing programmes designed to help with this. Since it’s her passion, we suspect that Crosswell has been a strong advocate for the movements. Nice one Crosswell!

Focus on making a difference
So how does a Swashbuckler go from being a French graduate to a wildly successful CEO in finance? We asked Crosswell more about her journey. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet the most fascinating people around the world as part of my career”, she reveals. “I always try to push myself to take on roles that challenge me and try not to be deterred by what I don’t know. [And I] focus on making a difference in every role I’ve done. I want to look back and be able to point to real tangible things I have done”. Take note young Swashbucklers, take note.

When it comes to advice for others, Crosswell had this gem to impart, “Don’t think a lack of experience should stop you. There are so many ways to come into the sector, and you can re-skill to move into new areas”. For making a difference, levelling the playing field and bringing Innovate Finance smack-bang into addressing the issues of the day; we’re proud to name Charlotte Crosswell our Inspirational Innovator for 2020. Go on Crosswell!

This article was published in Swashbucklers 2020, Page 25

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