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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Wired Differently explores how fintech can help accelerate financial inclusion and wellbeing

Finance plays a part in most people’s lives – and now, audiences can explore the world of finance in a multimedia format through Wired Differently: Innovation in Finance, the brand-new series presented by Innovate Finance.

This new series launches today, building on the first series released in 2020. Since the first series was released, the financial world has once again shifted – weathering the lasting impacts of the pandemic through to the cost-of-living crisis – and we’re seeing finance again through a new lens. This series comes at a moment when now, more than ever, people are seeking to understand what support is available to them and looking for answers to their financial concerns.

Wired Differently was produced for Innovate Finance by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the creative content division of BBC Studios.

This series explores the incredible work being done by innovators globally to help make finance truly accessible and to make financial wellbeing a standard for everyone. The films and articles go behind the curtain of the sometimes elusive financial world, and take audiences through key topics like inclusion, wellbeing and climate finance through the stories of the people around the world working to make a difference. The website also bakes financial literacy into the heart of the series, with an entire section dedicated to “jargon busting”.

Each film and article presented by a variety of businesses focuses on a different story – from the driver who was finally able to finance her own a vehicle to the couple unlocking their home’s trapped wealth in time for retirement – and explores a range of financial technologies and solutions being implemented to support people and businesses at all stages of their journeys.

Getting up close with people from a range of backgrounds – migrant workers, musicians, tech geniuses and pensioners – this series documents a range of unique financial journeys, reflecting the vast wealth of experiences drawn upon to create accessible solutions. From helping people participate in the world of work to giving companies the tools to operate smoothly, these stories paint a compelling picture of an industry striving for equality, and the future.

Janine Hirt, CEO of Innovate Finance said: “One of our central missions at Innovate Finance is to support the growth and safe deployment of financial innovation, which has the power to improve people’s lives. FinTech adoption is on the rise globally, and we’re delighted to be partnering with BBC Storyworks for the second time to bring the story of how FinTechs are supporting financial inclusion and wellbeing to life.

“FinTech products and services are transforming the financial freedom and capabilities for thousands of people around the world, and we hope this series introduces the power of this technology to even more people looking to improve their financial wellbeing.”

Fintechs from the UK and beyond have participated in the series, with some commenting on their involvement in Wired Differently:

“Technology can do all the heavy lifting for consumers when it comes to managing their money. It can empower, inform, and incentivise all of us to make better decisions around our money, while taking away the hassle and minimising the time needed to do so. At Moneyhub, our mission has always been to help consumers be better off and businesses to be more in tune with their customers through the power of Open Banking, Open Finance, and ultimately Open Data. Innovate Finance’s Wired Differently series puts consumer and technology at the heart of the campaign, and this has made them the perfect organisations for us to partner with.

“At a time when we all are feeling the pressure, finding ways to ease that financial burden is game-changing, and that’s exactly what our technology does. We’re thrilled to take part in this series and shine a light on the benefits for both consumers and the businesses they use every day.” – Ingrid Anusic, Marketing Director, Personal Finance Tech at Moneyhub

“We are really looking forward to highlighting the importance of providing digital banking access to the underbanked and underserved populations to drive global financial inclusion and positive wellbeing for not only the immediate user but for their families in another country too. We are amongst great company in the series and we can’t wait to see the stories that drive awareness around social mobilisation through FinTech for good.” – Noel Connolly, CEO of NOW Money

“Through this partnership, we aim to increase awareness and understanding of the daily challenges many people in Latin America face due to the lack of access of financial services specially when it comes to receiving remittances and the need for a solution that provides individuals and families a true alternative to receive remittances and to begin their financial journey. Coupled with the film, our partnership will enable us to engage with a wider audience and provide valuable insights on financial education and inclusion. At Paysend, we are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of people, and we are excited about the opportunities that this film produced for us by BBC Storyworks will bring.” – Jairo Riveros, Managing Director, Paysend

“Remittances play a critical role in the economic well-being of many families and communities, and at Paysend, we are committed to making cross-border money transfers fast, affordable, and accessible. We are proud to join forces with the BBC Storyworks on this initiative, and the films that are part of a great platform for us to showcase our commitment to financial inclusion and education. Through this collaboration, we hope to inspire and empower more people to achieve their financial goals and aspirations.” – Rupert Bedell, CMO, Paysend

“Taking part in this series, which hinges on financial wellbeing and inclusion, is emblematic of WorldRemit’s mission to unlock financial prosperity for users. Founded by a first-generation migrant for migrants, WorldRemit is reducing the barriers to the movement of money between cross-border communities. By highlighting the individual stories behind each remittance sent, ‘Wired Differently’ is set to underscore fintech’s invaluable role in keeping families connected – not to mention the significant impact that remittances have on bolstering local economies, individual wellbeing, and prosperity.” – Patrick Stal, Chief Marketing Officer at WorldRemit

“We’re proud to partner with Innovate Finance to shine a spotlight on how pension savings can be a force for good in the world as well as helping people secure a great financial future. It’s easy to overlook the power of your pension – people want a pension that provides them with financial means to support them with the retirement they want, but they also want their pensions to have a positive impact on the issues they care about such as tackling climate change.

“Imagine the change that the £3 trillion invested in UK pensions can make in the world if these investments were more sustainable! Cushon is leading the industry in transforming the environmental impact of pensions – this series will showcase what we’re doing to enable pension savers to make a real difference to the planet whilst saving for the future.” – Ben Pollard, Cushon

“We expect thousands of the world’s banks to move to the cloud in the next few years, and it will be very difficult for those that don’t. We engaged BBC StoryWorks to help us tell this story: how a modern core today is imperative in building the financial services industry of tomorrow, encompassing retail and business banking, financial inclusion, and sustainable finance, all while delivering material benefits for banks and their customers.” – Paul Taylor, CEO, Thought Machine

Wired Differently is available for one year on the series hubsite, www.wireddifferentlyseries.com from 17 April 2023

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