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Fintech Finance presents: Buckaroos

Fintech Finance presents: Buckaroos 2022 | Fintech Finance

‘Buckaraoos’ celebrates the very best North American (mostly) Fintech characters of 2021! From tearing down the traditional norms in the industry to disrupting, challenging and elevating the status quo of Fintech at large, these Fintech Buckaroos are the most wanted legends in the Wild West!

Here, we’re highlighting the successes of some of the biggest names in our sector, including Barb MacLean’s inspirational rise to the top as VP of Integration & Analytics at Celero Solutions, Twitter royalty in the form of Ghela Boskovich, six time founder & Fintech and foodtech legend Kelsey Weaver, and many many more!

Speaking with these magnificent individuals really emphasises their struggles, strengths, and stoic ability to come out on top. A career in Fintech can be consuming, emotional and require lots of guts to excel in. We commend these individuals for creating their own path that others can aspire to tread down in the future too.   


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