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An ISO 20022 and CBPR+ Update

An ISO 20022 and CBPR+ Update | Fintech Finance

It is no doubt a complex task to manage ISO 20022 messages for SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT), Direct Debits (SDD), Instant Payments Credit Transfers (SCT inst) and correspondent banking (CBPR+), which will be added from November 2022. Add to that the push to migrate Real-Time Gross Settlement payments for the Eurozone, UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and elsewhere across the globe by November 2025, the need for knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the community becomes compelling.

Whilst some of this may sound standard, the new SWIFT cross border payments set-up through CBPR+ (with TMP and In-flow translator) introduces additional amendments, overall solutional complexity and potential gaps from using multiple technologies. This will create huge challenges and huge grey areas, which is exactly what we want to alert you to and assist you in using BOX best for your implementation.

Heading the discussion will be:

Paul Sutcliffe, Senior SWIFT Architect, Barclays

Olaf Grossler, Head of Implementation, Intercope

Andrew Muir, ISO 20022 consultant, Intercope

Daragh Kirby, Head of Sales, Intercope



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