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Sunday, April 14, 2024
Matt Williamson, Mobiquity | Fintech Finance

Matt Williamson

SVP & Industry Principal

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July 5 2023

In Amsterdam for Money20/20 Europe 2023, we were joined in the FF Salon by Matt […]

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… and it’s that, after a decade of ‘digital transformation’, banks fully commit to the […]

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Money20/20 Europe with Matt Williamson, Mobiquity

June 24 2022

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Mobiquity launches global digital Islamic Banking prototype

June 9 2022

Mobiquity, part of Hexaware, a full-service digital transformation enabler, launches a global digital Islamic banking […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Jalopy or a beamer?" - Matthew Williamson, Mobiquity; Ruby Walia and Brett King in 'The Fintech Magazine'

June 9 2022

Banks might not be the vehicle of choice for future financial transactions, but they can […]

Strategic partnerships to drive an improved digital experience

May 24 2022

– Matt Williamson, VP of Global Financial Services, Mobiquity How will this partnership create an […]

FF Virtual Arena: Digital Pure Play: Is Tech Killing the Product?

May 4 2022

Join us, Brett King, Mobiquity Inc.‘s Matt Williamson and Ruby Walia will be discussing Digital Pure Play Banks. What […]

EXCLUSIVE: “State of the Unions” – Matthew Williamson and Ruby Walia, Mobiquity and Cyrus Taheri, Mambu in ‘The Paytech Magazine’

March 22 2022

Can America’s credit unions adapt their unique customer relationships to the digital age? They can […]

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January 4 2022

The banking app has potential to become customers’ #1 life management tool. But institutions must […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Z is for...’ – Ruby Walia and Matt Williamson, Mobiquity; Jorge Camargo, Bank of America in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

December 22 2021

A ‘TikTok’ generation that will be looking for a new relationship with financial providers in […]

COVID-19 expectations, fraud and customer experience boardroom priority for UK wealth managers

November 2 2021

Today a report reveals that responding to COVID-19 customer expectations, defending against cyber threats and […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Cool to be Kind’ – Matt Williamson, Mobiquity; Hristian Nedyalkov, Novus and Ricardo Laiseca, BBVA and ‘Discover Money20/20’

September 29 2021

Could banks change from being wealth repositories to uber-forces for good, putting them on the […]

Mobiquity announces expansion into Asia-Pacific

June 22 2021

Today Mobiquity, a full-service digital transformation enabler, announces its expansion into Asia-Pacific with the appointment […]

UK Banks Sidelining Sustainability

May 19 2021

Sustainability is not a boardroom priority for most UK banks, according to new research published […]

Exclusive: 'Leaving no one behind’ – Matt Williamson, Mobiquity and Andy Mielczarek, Chetwood in “The Paytech Magazine”

April 16 2021

Financial inclusion isn’t just a matter of providing easy access to services. Rather, it’s about […]

Mobiquity appoints former BNP Paribas COO to strengthen global footprint

April 8 2021

Today Mobiquity, a full-service digital transformation enabler, announces the appointment of former COO of BNP […]

Mambu and Mobiquity team up to discuss whether the world still need banks in an exclusive podcast broadcast

March 18 2021

The banking and finance marketplace has morphed significantly around how consumers are engaging with financial […]

Exclusive: 'The halo effect' - Matthew Williamson, Mobiquity and Ian Walters, Metro Bank in "The Fintech Magazine"

March 1 2021

Ian Walters is MD of Distribution at Metro Bank, the first new bank on the […]

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