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Thursday, May 30, 2024
Kunal Taneja | baraka | Fintech Finance

Kunal Taneja

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

About Kunal Taneja

Executive business and technology leader with more than 2 decades of experience across industries, specializing in digital transformation, cyber-security, integration and building consumer products on cloud and mobile platform.
I believe in democratizing business creation, simplifying operation and driving innovation by providing a low cost, scalable and reliable infrastructure. I have a broad range of technology experience with proven leadership skillset. Deep expertise in enterprise data protection, Payment Card Industry Compliance, Cyber-security Governance, Serverless Architecture deployments on cloud, Data Privacy law, key/access management — all focused on delivering a top-notch user experience in a highly regulated space.

Past experience includes leading the Technology & Operations team to deliver Bahrain’s first digital wallet: bwallet, heading the Cyber-security taskforce for AFS and Finzo along with supporting Bank ABC’s Digital Challenger initiative, ILA Bank.

I believe that every business decision today is being shaped by technology as it has the power to transform markets and processes. I value relationships, integrity, and learning above all.

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