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Gloria Guntinas

Gloria Guntinas
Latina building the next gen insurance co

Gloria Guntinas

Strategy | Product | Revenue Creation | Insurtech | Connected Car | Telematics | Entrepreneur | Small Business | IoT | Agile | SaaS B2B 2C

I like to use technology to find creative solutions to revenue generating market opportunities. I assess and re-define these opportunities through data, creating a product portfolio framework to prioritize the offering and organize the teams and stakeholders towards a common goal. I have been part of many high performing teams, contributing as a leader in strategy, product management, product marketing, product development positioning and sales.

My personal and professional experiences taught me:

I can invent, scale and enhance innovative solutions from startup venture to $380 MM in revenue.
o I leverage discipline execution to uncover customer/user pain points to build relevant solutions
o I am agile during early stage innovation, executing the big idea to ensure the value is worth pursuing
o My experiences inform my decisions, yet I leverage data to understand viability and investment value

I can establish, grow and develop high performing teams from 2 to 200 people.
o I am at my best when the team I lead is winning together
o I can solve problems at the scrum team level and explain it to the executive leadership
o I am an endless cheerleader of our ambitious goals as a team, sharing that journey with our customers and shareholder.
o I lead by example and I am accountable when challenges arise.

I am a lifelong learner, both personally and professionally.
o I focus on high value decisions, built from diverse perspective
o I continue to learn a great deal from my customers, colleagues and team members.
o I seek to learn from cutting edge technology and deploy its capability to develop new profitable use cases