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Dan Bjerke

Dan Bjerke

Dan Bjerke

Prior to Clover I held a series of transformation and growth leadership roles at Fiserv, primarily focused on delivering digital experiences to millions of consumers and small businesses.

I started my career with eFunds building high-speed POS and ATM terminal handlers and transaction switching software for global financial institutions, where I also had the opportunity to learn the economics of the payments business and the importance of a stable and secure payment infrastructure for the global economy.

The next step on my career journey took me into management consulting during the early days of enterprise customer relationship management software, where I had the opportunity to build a consulting practice focused on helping large corporations transform their CRM technology deployments through better alignment of people, process, and technology. During this time, I learned how to diagnose complex business problems and structure holistic solutions which considered the people impact of transformational change.

I then had an opportunity to rejoin the payment and financial technology industry, as Head of CRM & Analytics for Metavante (later acquired by FIS). This experience taught me how to manage multiple stakeholder groups and priorities, balancing financial and client commitments, while modernizing a legacy technology stack, and transforming the economics of the business.