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Wednesday, December 07, 2022

PettyGigs & Atomic team up to launch a platform allowing teens to earn, save and invest, all in one place

PettyGigs, a novel gig economy platform for young adults, and Atomic, the API that enables companies to offer white-labeled wealth management and brokerage experiences, announced their partnership today. Together, they have launched a solution that allows teens and young adults to earn, save and invest, all on one platform.

PettyGigs is a two-sided platform that connects young adults who want to earn money in their free time, performing small tasks with local businesses, busy professionals, and caregivers. For students with busy schedules, the platform provides the flexibility to choose when to work and when to study.

“After fleeing the civil war in Liberia to attend college in the US, we lacked flexibility. We worked 2-3 jobs at a time and could not choose when we worked and when we studied. We built PettyGigs so that others do not have to go through the same experience,” says Wiliam Ward, Co-founder, and CEO of PettyGigs.

Through the Atomic partnership, “Giggers” can now easily allocate their earnings from each Gig into a fully diversified curated portfolio that offers advanced benefits such as direct indexing, tax-loss harvesting, and ESG investing – all with no account minimums.

“Financial freedom is not just about one’s ability to earn. Wealth isn’t built by saving — It’s built by investing. The partnership with Atomic has turbocharged our vision of putting every young person on the path to financial freedom.” says Alois Monger, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of PettyGigs

“Our partnership with PettyGigs creates a tremendous opportunity to introduce responsible investing concepts to younger Giggers who are just at the beginning of their wealth-building journeys,” says David Dindi, Co-Founder and CEO of Atomic.

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