Saturday, June 15, 2024

myPOS Enables Tap to Pay on iPhone for Merchants in France

After recently launching Tap to Pay on iPhone in the UK and Netherlands, myPOS has enabled Tap to Pay on iPhone for businesses in France.

“Nowadays, consumers expect the convenience of using contactless cards and digital wallets to make secure purchases wherever they shop. Tap to Pay on iPhone with the myPOS Glass app will help SMEs meet these consumer demands. Overall, contactless payment acceptance technology means better customer service, flexibility and mobility for the business owner,” said Florian Malvicino, myPOS France Country Manager. 

Tap to Pay is available within the myPOS Glass iOS app and allows merchants to accept contactless payments directly on their iPhone, with no additional hardware. myPOS clients with compatible phones – iPhone XS or later running the latest version of iOS – can accept contactless payments by downloading and opening the myPOS Glass app, ringing up the sale and presenting their iPhone to the customer. In return, the shopper needs only to tap a contactless payment method like a contactless debit or credit card, Apple Pay, or another digital wallet.

French entrepreneurs seem to be looking forward to the new payment option. Andrea Tribolo is an osteopath based in Aix-en-Provence. She chose Tap to Pay on iPhone with myPOS to make it easier for her patients to pay. “Tap to Pay on iPhone allows my patients to pay for their consultation in a single gesture, by tapping their contactless card on my iPhone. This allows me to always have a way to accept credit card payments for home consultations. I highly recommend this feature to all healthcare professionals who want to simplify their payment acceptance.”

Frederic Delaunay is a VTC driver in the Nantes region. Tap to Pay on iPhone with myPOS was an obvious choice for him when it came to equipping himself with a payment solution to accept customer contactless cards. “Tap to Pay saves me and my customers time when I drop them off at their appointments. They’re often in a hurry and this innovation enables them to pay for their errand in a single gesture. All they have to do is hold their bank card or digital wallet up to my iPhone, and the payment is made! I recommend this feature to all my VTC and cab colleagues who want to save time, because in our profession, every minute counts!

Merchants new to the myPOS platform can start using Tap to Pay on iPhone with myPOS Glass after opening a myPOS account and going through online verification. What’s more, by becoming a myPOS client, they will benefit from a free merchant account, a free business card and immediate deposits of all accepted payments at no extra cost.

Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone technology uses the built-in features of iPhone to keep the businesses’ and customers’ data private and secure. When a payment is processed, Apple and the myPOS app do not store card numbers on the device or on Apple servers.

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