Sunday, June 23, 2024

Nubank Launches Travel eSIM with Gigs

Nubank, one of the world’s largest digital financial services platforms, today announced the launch of its fully digital travel eSIM, available for Nubank Ultravioleta customers. This provides a seamless way to avoid unexpected roaming charges when traveling abroad by offering free 10GB to all Ultravioleta customers. The new service was developed in partnership with Gigs, the world’s first Telecom-as-a-Service platform. With this addition to Nubank’s premium service, the company becomes the first neobank in Latin America to introduce its own travel eSIM, granting travelers the peace of mind of staying connected whenever they travel within Latin America, to the US, or Europe.

Nubank’s travel eSIM offers a hassle-free approach to accessing data plans across borders, enabling customers to stay connected when traveling without the fear of exorbitant roaming fees. In order to capture the high-income segment in Brazil, Nu’s Ultravioleta customers will be able to effortlessly install their free eSIM directly from the Nubank app with just a few taps, eliminating the cumbersome process of purchasing and activating a physical SIM card. Whether they are in Latin America, the US, or Europe, Ultravioleta customers now benefit from free high-speed data the moment they touch ground at their destination.

Hermann Frank, co-founder & CEO at Gigs: “The launch of travel eSIMs is a natural next step in Nubank’s successful foray into the travel space, and presents a powerful lever to drive adoption of the Ultravioleta offering among Nubank’s 100 million customers. Bundling life’s essentials like banking, insurance, and now telecom in one single hub elevates the user experience while compounding stickiness. Nu is leading the convergence of banking and telecom, and it will be exciting to see who will follow suit.”

Roam like at home: How travel eSIMs work

The new travel eSIM perk further enriches the comprehensive array of benefits exclusive to Nubank Ultravioleta customers. These include higher credit limits, attractive rewards, cashback incentives, family accounts, insurance coverage, unlimited withdrawals, 24-hour customer service, and a host of further advantages.

Ultravioleta users who opt-in for a global account will have exclusive access to their annual free 10 GB travel eSIM for the US, Latin America, and Europe, which is valid for 30 days once activated. To access their data allowance, users simply install the eSIM on their cell phone with one tap and are online immediately upon arrival at their destination. The same eSIM can be used for multiple destinations, meaning users only need to activate their eSIM once. The new eSIM can be used simultaneously alongside the primary physical SIM or eSIM, allowing customers to switch easily between networks.

This is how Gigs works

With Gigs, businesses can seamlessly launch branded wireless services and integrate them into their existing product portfolios, creating new product experiences for users while retaining full control over their brand and customer journey. From fintechs providing branded phone plans alongside their payment cards to retailers offering subscriptions bundled with their mobile devices, or even HR platforms enabling businesses to issue employee phone plans with just a tap, Gigs empowers innovators from various industries.

Before Gigs, companies wanting to offer phone plans faced months of tedious negotiations and integrations with network operators and multiple legacy third-party services. In addition, they had to commit millions of dollars upfront and spend valuable time navigating the archaic patchwork of software components needed to run their wireless service—resulting in a complicated and poor end-user experience. In the absence of a seamless, fast, and intelligent connectivity platform, the high barriers to entry to the world of telecommunications made it prohibitively expensive for entrants to launch a state-of-the-art wireless service and unlock recurring revenue streams, stifling innovation at a moment when connectivity is more important than ever.

Gigs is the only end-to-end connectivity operating system that offers everything companies need to launch and run a fully-featured wireless service on carrier networks across the globe through a single integration. From the best-in-class telecom API, a hosted end-user checkout optimized for maximum conversion, its own payments suite and tax engine, a powerful dashboard including AI-enhanced customer support, and detailed business analytics to entire marketing solutions, Gigs provides everything customers need to launch their wireless service and provide a superior end-user experience.

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