" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Earnix Announces New London Office, Unveils New Tech and Launches Global Modelling Contest at Earnix Eˣcelerate Summit 2023
Friday, December 01, 2023

Earnix Announces New London Office, Unveils New Tech and Launches Global Modelling Contest at Earnix Eˣcelerate Summit 2023

Earnix, the global provider of intelligent, SaaS solutions for insurers and banks, celebrated its 12th annual Eˣcelerate Summit by announcing a new London office to collaborate with its growing customer base, unveiling Model Accelerator, and launching its first global modelling contest.

Held September 20-21 in London, Earnix Eˣcelerate brought together hundreds of financial services business leaders to discuss insurance insights, perspectives, case studies and approaches impacting the evolution of the industry.

“Earnix Eˣcelerate was a world-class event dedicated to discussing industry challenges and discovering the latest technology innovation to address them,” said Karun Arathil, senior analyst, Celent. “I found the forum engaging and interactive, and it was great to exchange ideas and gain perspective with industry leaders from around the world.”

In other news, Earnix announced a new upgraded office presence in London, located in Devonshire Square. The space affords local employees and customers – as well prospects throughout Europe – the opportunity to collaborate in-person. The Devonshire Square location doubles the number of London-based employees and reflects Earnix’s desire to provide enjoyable work environments.

“‘Growing Through Change’ proved to be more than just the theme of Eˣcelerate. The evolution of our industry was on full display through great dialogue with attendees,” said Robin Gilthorpe, CEO, Earnix. “The energy and enthusiasm gained from collaborating at Summit combined with our expansion into a new London office shows that Earnix is positioned for continued success.”

Model Accelerator is a web-based module designed to streamline and accelerate the process of building and incorporating advanced models in pricing, underwriting and real-time rating. A new addition to Earnix Price-It and Underwrite-It, Model Accelerator is the first tool to offer model import, build and assist capabilities in one platform. It enables a “bring your own model” approach for insurers, offering integration accelerators for the most popular frameworks and formats, modern approaches to kickstart model building, such as Earnix Automatic GLM (AGLM), and hybrid modelling.

Earnix also launched the 2023 Earnix Challenge, an online analytics competition. In the challenge, participants will learn new functionalities and modelling techniques and measure their skills against other worldwide users and teams. The challenge will take place over a four-week period, providing participants access to a dedicated Earnix environment and data to analyse and model a real-life simulated challenge.

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