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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Fintech Finance Podcasts: The FF Salon at Sibos with Scott Wilson, Mambu

“Trends are changing quickly at the moment”

Scott Wilson, Regional VP of EMEA Sales, Mambu

Fintech epitomises new beginnings, Whether it be opening up a new form of payments, or completely restructuring the way businesses operate, the industry welcomes change and first starters. 

Joining us at the FF Salon for Sibos 2022, we sat down with Scott Wilson, who has been the Regional VP of EMEA Sales for the SaaS banking platform, Mambu, for the past 20 months. Wilson discusses his career in the financial services sector, starting as a consultant for PwC, and developing his interest in CX and digitisation which led him to Mambu

“We are a platform that can be scaled and grown and expanded across many different countries and geographies,” said Wilson. “Equally, (we have) different customer types. We have customers who are pure-play lenders in emerging markets who offer nano loans, all the way to SME corporate loans in some of the largest regions in the world.” 

Facilitating a diverse collection of clients requires a dynamic approach to business that walks in lockstep with the ever-evolving trends in the industry. For Wilson, transformation is essential, but the pace of it depends on the size of the institution – millions of dollars and an agile approach to change is what banks and FIs must keep in anticipation. 

“Trends are changing quarterly at the moment. For this to be a success, large FIs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 banks, need to have a categorical reserve, budget reserve, and resource reserve to then deploy quickly in agile projects, instead of large-scale transformation projects which lock in that resource and budget that then doesn’t allow them to be flexible.” 

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