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Monday, April 15, 2024

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Clearspeed Welcomes Manjit Rana as GM of UK, EMEA, and APAC Regions

With over three decades of experience in the insurance industry, combined with spearheading the inception of numerous startups and propelling innovation for prominent global enterprises, Manjit Rana now joins Clearspeed in the capacity of General Manager and Head of its insurance markets in the UK, EMEA, and APAC. Given his unique abilities to develop insurtech companies, Manjit brings valuable expertise to Clearspeed’s unwavering pursuit of growth and expansion both within and beyond the insurance industry. His experience is an additional layer of thought leadership and development to Clearspeed, as our mission, product offering, customer experience, and expertise continue to evolve across multiple sectors.

Manjit has a proven track record of identifying loopholes in the insurance market and leveraging them to develop and promote distinctive products, trends, and offerings. Through his ventures, such as InsurTech Scout, and as the founder of Ingenin, an award-winning insurance innovation consultancy, Manjit has remained ahead of the curve by forecasting and predicting industry trends. His visionary perspective on upcoming market developments is what makes him a fascinating addition to Clearspeed’s leadership team.

Clearspeed has been a positive disruptor since its inception in the insurtech industry, and as a veteran in the field, Manjit quickly recognized the uniqueness of Clearspeed’s value proposition to the global insurance ecosystem. His partnership with Clearspeed is founded on his long-standing friendship with the CEO, Alex Martin. Manjit has great admiration for Clearspeed’s military roots, and this partnership aligns with Clearspeed’s values of creating trust through visionary leadership, innovative technology, and exceptional customer experiences.

“With Manjit’s addition to our team at Clearspeed, we’re doubling down on expansion and growth in InsurTech leadership,” said Alex Martin, CEO. “At a time where companies are hedging bets, we’re the odd one out – in a good way. We know what we possess, we know who to bring to the table, and we’re setting ourselves up for a charged year ahead.”

With the insurtech space gaining greater momentum, his arrival at Clearspeed comes at the perfect time in our journey to establish the brand as a multinational and multifaceted provider of intelligent insurance technology. Manjit is positioned to expand Clearspeed’s offering in the UK, EMEA, and APAC regions, and further Clearspeed’s trusted, optimised and accurate solutions for insurance partners.

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