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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Buckaroo partners with SurePay to offer the Confirmation of Payee solution to their Netherlands customers

SurePay, the leading Confirmation of Payee provider, has today announced that it has partnered with Buckaroo, an established payment service provider for businesses, to offer its Confirmation of Payee solution to their customers in the Netherlands.

Confirmation of Payee is a way to give consumers, banks and companies greater assurance that their payments are being routed to the intended recipient and are not being accidentally or deliberately misdirected. As digital technology has become the essential building block of the global financial infrastructure, organisations now expect providers to keep pace with the demand for fast, safe and low friction payments.

Buckaroo chose to partner with SurePay due to its best-in-class Confirmation of Payee solution, to check and track payments and commensurate with the changing nature of the threat of fraud. SurePay has a proven track record of implementing the technology quickly and without disruption with other leading financial institutions across Europe.

SurePay’s innovative, real-time name-checking solution gives Buckaroo greater assurance that the direct debit or credit transfer payments they’re processing are going to the intended recipient, drastically improving the ease of use and security of online payments for businesses using their services.

David-Jan Janse, CEO and Co-Founder of SurePay, said: “More than 150 companies are already making their payment processes safer and more efficient with the IBAN-Name Check. This makes online onboarding of new customers smoother, ensuring that you are collecting from and paying to the right recipient.”

He continued: “The partnership with Buckaroo will allow us to reach even more consumers, expanding our crucial tool in the fight against fraud. Our ultimate goal is to become ingrained in the payment journey and joining forces with Buckaroo and protecting their customers in the Netherlands is helping us to do just that.”

Lars Smit, Head of Marketing at Buckaroo, said: “As a leading payment service provider, we always strive to offer the best, fastest and easier payment methods to our customers. And, most importantly, the safest. That’s why we partnered with SurePay. SurePay’s Confirmation of Payee solution combats the many challenges stemming from unsuccessful or incorrect direct debit transactions. We’re pleased to offer our customers the greater protections that SurePay provides and look forward to a long partnership ahead.”

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