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About SurePay

SurePay makes payments personal, easier and even more secure. So that you can be sure that you pay the right person or company. We are constantly working on even better identification services based on the IBAN. For example the integration of the check in software packages, such as accounting programs and the development of new services such as the Switch Check and PayID. Future services will always be developed in close cooperation with our customers. SurePay was founded in 2016 and has been providing the IBAN-Name Check to all major Dutch banks since 2017. In the years that followed, our group of customers expanded to corporates and partners. Today, SurePay provides the Confirmation of Payee service in the UK, while at the same time introducing new services in the Netherlands. At the beginning of 2020, SurePay became a Private Company and an independent part of the Rabobank Group. ————————— Onze missie is om online betalen gemakkelijker, persoonlijker en nog veiliger te maken. We werken continue aan nog betere dienstverlening rondom identificatie gebaseerd op het IBAN. Denk daarbij bijvoorbeeld aan integratie van de check in softwarepakketten, zoals boekhoudprogramma’s en aan het ontwikkelen van nieuwe diensten als de Overstap Check en PayID. Toekomstige services zullen we steeds in nauwe samenwerking met de afnemers ontwikkelen. SurePay is opgericht in 2016 en levert sinds 2017 de IBAN-Naam Check aan alle grote Nederlandse banken. In de jaren daarna breidde onze groep klanten zich uit naar corporates en partners. Vanaf 2020 levert SurePay de dienst Confirmation of Payee in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, terwijl tegelijkertijd nieuwe diensten in Nederland worden geïntroduceerd. Begin 2020 werd SurePay een Besloten Vennootschap en onafhankelijk onderdeel van de Rabobank Groep.

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SurePay Joins Forces With FIS Strengthening Delivery Of Verification And Confirmation Of Payee Across The EU And UK

May 21 2024

SurePay today announced that it has joined forces with FIS, making it easy for PSP’s […]

Belgian Banks Choose SurePay as Verification of Payee (VoP) Preferred Scheme Vendor

May 8 2024

CEC has taken the responsibility to provide the Belgium VoP and has, on behalf of […]

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April 11 2024

SurePay has announced that the SurePay solutions will be available via the cloud-based Temenos Exchange partner […]

OneID® partners with Confirmation of Payee services provider Surepay

February 28 2024

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SurePay Launches Developer Portal to empower UK PSPs to implement Confirmation of Payee

November 7 2023

SurePay, the pioneer behind Confirmation of Payee, is excited to introduce the SurePay Developer Portal, […]

Rabobank and SurePay strengthen collaboration to improve fraud prevention

October 19 2023

Rabobank has announced the further intensification of its collaboration with SurePay to improve fraud prevention. […]

Allica Bank Embraces SurePay’s Confirmation of Payee Solution to Protect Customers Against Fraud and Misdirection

March 7 2023

SurePay, the European leading Confirmation of Payee provider, has today announced that UK fintech Allica […]

CBI partners with SurePay to Check IBAN with VAT number of customers to Italian and European Market, including the UK

July 6 2022

SurePay, the leading Confirmation of Payee (CoP) provider, and CBI S.c.p.a., an Italian company that develops digital […]

Virgin Money partners with SurePay to prevent fraud and misdirected payments

June 13 2022

SurePay, the leading Confirmation of Payee provider, announced that it has supported Virgin Money with […]

Buckaroo partners with SurePay to offer the Confirmation of Payee solution to their Netherlands customers

May 12 2022

SurePay, the leading Confirmation of Payee provider, has today announced that it has partnered with Buckaroo, an established payment service […]

SurePay expands its Confirmation of Payee solution to the Nordics with new hire

March 17 2022

SurePay, the leading Confirmation of Payee provider, has today announced the expansion of its presence in […]

First cross-border Confirmation of Payee solution launched for payments between France and the Netherlands

December 16 2021

SurePay, and StreamMind have today announced the launch of the first cross-border IBAN Check/Confirmation […]

NatWest and SurePay partner to launch Confirmation of Payee for HMRC

December 15 2021

NatWest Group and SurePay have partnered to introduce Confirmation of Payee (CoP) for HM Revenue and […]

Money 20/20 Europe with David-Jan Janse, Surepay

October 15 2021

At Money20/20 Europe we chatted with Surepay Co-Founder and CEO, David-Jan Janse, who told us about what’s […]

Rabo Fintech SurePay Welcomes Two Investors on Mission to Prevent Payment Fraud

September 1 2021

SurePay, inventor and leading provider of Confirmation of Payee (CoP) in the UK and Benelux, […]

Triodos Bank UK Selects SurePay to Help Prevent Fraud and Misdirected Online Payments

August 12 2021

SurePay, the leading Confirmation of Payee provider has announced that Triodos Bank UK, one of […]

SurePay Appoints two Senior Hires from NatWest and Kyriba in the UK

June 14 2021

SurePay, the leading Confirmation of Payee provider, today announced two new hires: Adrian Lee-Jarman as […]

SurePay Experiences Tremendous Growth Over the Past 12 Months

June 2 2021

SurePay, the leading Confirmation of Payee (CoP) provider, continues on its growth trajectory following the […]

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