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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Humans + AI is the winning combo – Ranil Boteju – Lloyds Banking Group

Ranil Boteju is the Group Chief Data and Analytics officer for Lloyds and is well placed to talk about the use of AI in banking. Here he offers some thoughtful, nuanced, and ultimately optimistic perspectives on how humans working with AI is a winning combination.

In this interesting conversation from the FF News studio, he talks to Ali Paterson about what Lloyds are doing to implement AI in line with their vision of “helping Britain prosper”. He assures us that AI presents a number of opportunities in the finance and insurance sector including helping to tackle fraud and increasing efficiency in the back office, automating mundane tasks and allowing staff to add more value than before.

There is some caution of course, around the ethical implications of this technology and about exposing generative AI to consumers without a human in the loop, at least until the guardrails are secure. Ultimately though this video should give you a good idea of where we’re heading.

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