Friday, June 21, 2024

Paolo Fiorentino – dacadoo – ITC LATAM 2023

Over in Miami for ITC LATAM 2023, we sat down for an exclusive interview with Paolo Fiorentino, Sales Director at dacadoo. dacadoo develop and operate technology solutions for digital health engagement and health risk quantification.

“We are dacadoo, we are a digital health engagement platform. We develop a digital health engagement platform for health and wellbeing, and we also do dynamic and accelerating underwriting for health risk quantification.”

“Regarding the insurtech industry, I would say we pretty much focus on digital health. We think that this is a massive opportunity for all the life and health industry and healthcare. We have a vision that basically digital health is about quality of life. We know that this kind of solution can help insurers and users of the platform to improve this trend and give [the customers] additional benefits.”

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