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Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Paytech Show 6.13: Driving Colombian Payments Forward

On the Paytech Show we love discovering what’s happening in different regions around the world. In this episode in partnership with ACI Worldwide, we’re shining a spotlight on the Colombian payments ecosystem.

The country is experiencing a revolution in the way they pay, so we spoke to some key players to find out more. Talking us through the changes is Sonia Gomez from ACI Worldwide, who spoke to Douglas Mackenzie about the increasingly busy payments landscape in LATAM and how technology like their own is enabling faster, more efficient internal and cross border payments.

Even the oldest financial institution in the country, Banco de Bogota is recognising their need to keep up with disruptors. In this episode, their VP of technology Oscar Quintero spoke to Ana Bennett about how banks and fintechs can partner towards progress, whilst acknowledging the importance of regulation and security. We hope you enjoy finding out what’s happening in Colombia.

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