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Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Exclusive: 'The Endgame no. It's just the beginning...' - Ali Paterson book review in "The Paytech Magazine"

When the payments industry assembled for the launch of the most recent instalment in a […]

Exclusive: 'The value exchange' - Lisa Frazier, Wells Fargo in "The Paytech Magazine"

Wells Fargo’s Head of Innovation, Lisa Frazier, believes one of the most compelling use cases […]

Exclusive: 'A silver lining?' - Ciaran Chu, ACI Worldwide in "The Paytech Show"

The COVID-19 pandemic has been grim and the impact on our lives – including our […]

Exclusive: 'It's a fair swap' - Jamie Broadbent, RBS International in "They Paytech Magazine"

To fully embrace open banking means to share both customers and data. For Jamie Broadbent, […]

Exclusive: 'Going to Xtremes' - Fabrice Denèle, Xpollens in "The Paytech Magazine"

With a promise to deliver an ‘out of the box’ offer in 100 days, Natixis […]

Exclusive: 'Do you want a receipt?' - David Alexandre Salvail, Zeipt in "The Paytech Magazine"

Pockets stuffed with receipts, but you can never find the one you want? Young entrepreneur […]

Exclusive: 'Keeping an open mind' - Georg Olav Ramstad & Paul Walvik-Joynt, Nets in "The Paytech Magazine"

In the same way that Ikea revolutionised interiors, the Nordics’ financial services see open banking […]

Exclusive: 'How to build a bank, Norwegian style' - Kjetil Sørtun, Sparebanken Vest in "The Paytech Magazine"

Kjetil Sørtun, Head of Banking Services at Sparebanken Vest, describes its journey from legacy institution […]

Exclusive: 'Ratchet it up!' - Stephen Walsh. Sensedia in "The Paytech Magazine"

The open banking toolbox is being left on the shelf, says Stephen Walsh, Sensedia’s Director […]

Exclusive: 'Staying one step ahead' - Benoît Legrand, ING in "The Paytech Show"

Benoît Legrand, CIO of ING and CEO of ING Ventures, discusses the Dutch bank’s strategy […]

Exclusive: 'Dutch courage' - Bart Leurs, Rabobank in "The Paytech Magazine"

Rabobank was established in response to an agricultural revolution in the Netherlands. Now it’s focussed […]

Exclusive: 'Retail's in the detail' - Hamza Khan, Suburbia in "The Paytech Magazine"

Suburbia is bucking the personal data trend and focussing on the product. Founder and CEO […]

Exclusive: ' A card, captain, but not as we know it' - Andy Ramsden, G+D in "The Paytech Magazine"

G+D’s Andy Ramsden explains how the veteran security solutions provider strives to match the imagination […]

Exclusive: 'An invisible force' - Anders la Cour, Banking Circle in "The Paytech Magazine"

Banking Circle Co-Founder and CEO Anders la Cour explains how the ‘silent infrastructure behind the […]

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