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Monday, October 03, 2022

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The Paytech Show: Payments in Africa - Financial Mobility In The Sub Sahara Smart Cities & Mobile Payments

“Where is the future? We’re talking about biometrics, we’re talking about artificial intelligence” Frank Molla, […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Beam us up Scottie!’ – Ali Paterson, Fintech Finance in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

Do the economics of the Star Trek universe have something to teach our post-COVID world? […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The squeezed middle’ – Brian Collings, Torstone Technology in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

The pandemic, with its associated cycle of lockdowns and restrictions, has significantly shaken up the […]

Exclusive: ‘Lestweforget’ – Jukka Yliuntinen, Giesecke+Devrient in “The Fintech Magazine”

Widespread amnesia about which and how many organisations hold our account details is not only […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Innovation where you least expect’ – Ron Delnevo, Cash and Card Consultants in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

So, you think cash is dull? Ron Delnevo, Chairman of Cash and Card Consultants, would […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Me, me, me...a new chapter in fraud prevention’ – Brett Beranek, Nuance in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

The events of 2020 left many organisations and their customers more vulnerable than ever to […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The New CXcellence’ – Barry Webb, BGL Group and Stuart Dorman, Sabio in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

If insurance is over ‘peak churn’ created by price competition, and the competitive advantage now […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The third-party piece’ – Eric Bayle, Société Générale, in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

Eric Bayle, Head of Global Transaction Banking at Société Générale, says banks must embrace tech […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘If you've got it...'use it!’ – Claire Green, Railsbank in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

Claire Green is Head of People at Railsbank, the London-headquartered banking-as-a-service (BaaS) platform. As a […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The bank of fun’ – Morten Sønderskov, Lunar in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

Lunar is the Danish challenger that’s ready to ‘change the way people do banking’ by […]

EXCLUSIVE: 'A new gold standard' - Jason Cozens, Glint in 'The Fintech Magazine'

Jason Cozens was the architect (quite literally) behind Glint, the gold trading and payment app […]

EXCLUSIVE: 'The Network Effect' - Mark Midle, Goldman Sachs in 'The Fintech Magazine'

Goldman Sachs led Trulioo’s most recent funding round – but it brings more to the […]

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