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Friday, December 01, 2023

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The Paytech Show #74: Why It's Worth Getting Ahead of the Curve on Cross Border Payments. With Sathapana Bank and Bottomline.

In this episode of The Paytech Show we’re in Cambodia hosting Sathapana Bank‘s Deputy CEO […]

EXCLUSIVE: "We can't get no satisfaction!" - Ron Delnevo, The Payment Choice Alliance in 'The Fintech Magazine'

Ron Delnevo, Chair of  The Payment Choice Alliance, considers the UK Treasury’s policy statement on […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Alternative Realities" - Ron Delnevo in 'The Fintech Magazine'

Ron Delnevo asks if central bank digital currencies are less about fending off competition from […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Instant Access?" - Ron Delnevo in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Ron Delnevo explores the varied worldwide adoption of instant payment apps, and asks if one […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Bit up, Bit down... but still going strong' - Ron Delnevo in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Bitcoin is now in its 13th year. But will 2022 be a crypt-astrophe for some? […]

The Paytech Magazine #12

In this issue of The Paytech Magazine, we bring you the industry’s hottest talking points […]

The Fintech Magazine #23

In this issue of The Fintech Magazine, we’ve filled it to the brim with some […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Balls to the ATM network!" – Ron Delnevo, Cash & Card Consultants in ‘The Paytech Magazine’

Ron Delnevo of Cash & Card Consultants argues that a simple solution to the dwindling […]

The Paytech Magazine Issue 10

This issue of The PayTech Magazine is filled with the biggest talking points affecting the […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘‘Real’ Lessons in Payment Choice’ – Ron Delnevo, Cash and Card Consultants in ‘The Paytech Magazine’

Ron Delnevo, Chair of Cash and Card Consultants, asks why the UK Access To Cash […]

The Paytech Magazine 09

Exactly a week after Amazon tycoon and Bitcoin investor Jeff Bezos shot Star Trek’s original […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Local Heroes?’ – Ron Delnevo, Cash and Card Consultants and Matt Grant, Your Money Hub in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

Real community banking in the UK? Pigs might fly, thought Ron Delnevo, Chair of Cash […]

The Fintech Magazine Issue 21

In this issue of the The Fintech Magazine, we talk home working in a regulated […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘SOS: Spend or Save?’ – Ron Delnevo in ‘The Fintech Magazine’

Ron Delnevo looks back over seven decades of mounting UK household debt and asks if […]

Fintech Finance Presents: The Fintech Magazine Issue 20

It’s the fifth birthday of The Fintech Magazine this summer (whoop, whoop!) and, looking back, […]

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