Saturday, June 15, 2024

Fintech Finance Podcast: FF Salon with James Bryce-Lind Full Audio

In such a rapidly evolving subscription-centric economy, it’s not always obvious where your money is going. With the introduction of open banking and payment services more attuned to customer behaviours, people need not be so outraged when they open up their monthly bank statement. 

“Now  we’re focused on the fintech segment, because they’re faster adopters and they have cool pieces of technology”

James Bryce-Lind, UK Banking Sales Lead, Minna technologies

In this segment of the FF Salon, we speak to James Bryce-Lind, the UK Banking Sales Lead at Minna technologies, about open-banking, subscriptions, and why “it’s all about the customer.” 

“[With] a company like Minna, can take those actionable insights and pit literal actions on them, so our spot in the ecosystem, is on top of those PFMS (Public Financial Management System) saying, that’s great, here is the information, and here’s what you’re going to do with them, change those payment details, pause that subscription, cancel it if need be.” 

James’s kick comes from the personalised advice that PFMS and open banking services can provide for consumers, struggling to keep their finances in check. Sometimes a blunt roast from your banking provider is all it takes for you to keep your money in your pocket. 

As Lloyd’s were one of their first customers, Minna is now turning its gaze upon the fintechs and the neobanks in the game. 

“Now  we’re focused on the fintech segment, because they’re faster adopters and they have cool pieces of technology and the use cases are great. So where we would fit in with a Curve, or a Starling, or a Monzo, or a Revolut, is exactly in that ecosystem where you’ve got the categorisation, and you’re just adding an action button on top of it.”

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