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Tim Chong

Tim Chong
Co-founder and CEO

Tim Chong

Hi, I’m Tim, co-founder at Yonder. We’re creating a world where financial services are fair and conscious, and the stress of debt is eliminated for everyone. We’re on a mission to make money rewarding and credit empowering through products people understand and love.

We’re starting this journey by building a credit card for modern explorers, people who took the risk to move to London for their next big opportunity, whether it’s from Leeds, Cape Town or Sydney. We’re building a credit card membership that’s truly without compromise.

Prior to this, I spent 3 years at ClearScore as Head of Product launching zero to one products and zero to one markets serving over 12m+ users across UK, South Africa, India and Australia. I’m a recovering management consultant, having spent 6.5 years building slide decks which meant a lot of jet lag, box aligning and occasionally helping clients with their digital, product and growth strategies. I’ve also had the privilege to work on financial inclusion initiatives across South East Asia and Africa, as part of Accenture Development Partnerships.

I’m incredibly passionate about creating purposeful businesses, and truly believe successful businesses exist to serve the needs of society, and not just shareholders – and I previously helped relaunch Accenture Development Partnerships in Australia and New Zealand. My work has taken me to 10 countries across 4 continents, and I’ve had the privilege to live in Melbourne, Phnom Penh, Nairobi, San Francisco and now London.

Outside of work, I led a non-church affiliated Christian organisation helping over 400 Christian professionals think about the intersection of their faith and work; and I’m on the Board of Spur Afrika. I’m an amateur car enthusiast, skiier, boulderer and cyclist, love coffee, whisky, wine, and travelling, having travelled to over 45 countries.