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Steven Hoy

Steven Hoy
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Minna Technologies

Steven Hoy

Hi, I’m Steve Hoy, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Minna Technologies. At Minna Technologies, we enable retail banks to deliver the next generation of digital banking experiences and increase their pace of digital transformation.

Beyond Banking capabilities is our DNA, delivering products with a proven impact on new revenue streams, increased engagement, and increased retention.

All of our products are built to deliver a cash flow positive impact for the partner bank, we do not engage without a bottom-line strategy and visibility.

Our integrated products currently reach more than 20M end-users through tier-1 partnerships, including major players such as Lloyds Banking Group and ING.

The product suite is built to address what we call “The subscription life cycle”, the process of tracking, improving, and, in the end, canceling subscriptions. All of which can be managed through one single channel – your mobile bank.

With more than €50M savings generated and thousands of hours saved, we stay true to our mission statement – To bring power to the modern consumer. And vision: To enable effortless banking in a subscription economy. All of this done, whilst both lowering cost and generating revenue for our partners.