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Spencer Lynch

Spencer Lynch
Director of Innovation, Wealth, and Pensions 

Spencer Lynch

Spencer is responsible for creating and delivering innovation in the Wealth, Life, Pensions and regulated markets, often using exclusive data, wrapped in our own proprietary technology to overcome long-standing industry challenges by approaching them in a different way. A digital way.

Spencer is an adept sales professional, an excellent communicator, and a natural leader. His eye for detail and industry knowledge coupled with a desire to drive innovation has allowed him to create and deliver unique value-add solutions from which he has secured exclusive 9 figure revenue contracts. Comfortable engaging at C-Suite levels either direct with businesses or through 3rd party partnership agreements.

Spencer’s has a proven ability identifying and developing new market sectors, creating and delivering unique value-add propositions, planning and executing multi-channel go-to market strategies that yield value for clients and profitable revenue streams for his business.

He builds strong focused teams that deliver on revenue expectations whilst developing professional relationships across public and private business sectors through direct and indirect channels. He articulates often complex, process led, solutions in a way that organisations understand, helping them become more efficient and profitable using an ethical, structured and quantifiable process.