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Sunday, September 24, 2023

David Nolan

Chief Operating Officer for EMEA

About David Nolan

I am an ambitious, hard working, loyal and driven individual with an expertise in operations , business process improvement & program management.
Along with a passion for customer care I have excellent analytical and numerical abilities deriving from my honours degree in Accounting and Finance and career as a trader.
Significant experience in recruiting and developing teams across a wide range of financial products (forecasting, budgeting) managing teams of 100+ across various locations
I have an eye for detail with a focus on quality. I have maintained compliance governance to an exceptionally high standard across numerous roles.
Problem solving, forecasting, budgeting, reporting, stakeholder buy in and development, and a willingness to coach and develop team members are also very strong attributes of mine.
I have excellent presentation skills both verbal and written.
Proven record at Operations management across multi departments.
Sports fanatic, marathon runner and UEFA coach.

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