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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
City Week 2023
David Knezić

David Knezić

About David Knezić

I'm the founder and CEO of Pocket Bitcoin, a growing financial broker focused on making bitcoin and self-custody more accessible and safe for everyone. We're an interdisciplinary team of six, self-funded and fully licensed in Switzerland – from where we're already serving thousands of customers across Europe since our launch in June 2021. I'm a passionate software engineer and entrepreneur who has discovered bitcoin as early as 2013 and followed its technical developments ever since. However, it was only after 10 extremely valuable years working on digital products and an entirely new business line at AXA that I've decided to finally contribute to the bitcoin ecosystem professionally with an otherwise missing service, Pocket Bitcoin, in March 2020.

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David Knezić

David Knezić

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