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Surefire Cyber Launches to Help Cyber Insurance Ecosystem from Response to Resilience, with $10 Million in Funding by Forgepoint Capital

Surefire Cyber Launches to Help Cyber Insurance Ecosystem from Response to Resilience, with $10 Million in Funding by Forgepoint Capital | Fintech Finance

Surefire Cyber today launched as a new incident response company to help cyber insurers, brokers, law firms, and the organizations they support to better manage cyber events such as ransomware, email compromise, and other cybercrimes. The company also announced $10 million in Series A funding, led by Forgepoint Capital.

“Surefire Cyber’s goal is to work with our clients and partners to swiftly manage a cyber incident and then bring forward capabilities to help them become more cyber resilient.  Our delivery of end-to-end digital forensics and incident response capabilities is built on a tech-enabled framework and delivered through a platform that aligns and connects an organization’s executives, technical team, insurance carrier, and legal counsel.” said Billy Gouveia, the CEO and Founder of Surefire Cyber.

Mark Greisiger, President and Founder of NetDiligence®, comments that “Surefire Cyber is committed to being great partners to carriers, brokers, Breach Coaches®, and the clients they work together to support.  We are pleased to welcome them as new contributors to the cyber insurance ecosystem who offer deep experience and a valuable perspective.”

Given two long-term trends, the rising cost of cyber incidents and the growing adoption of cyber insurance, industry veterans created Surefire Cyber as a purpose-built response firm that leverages a proven team and a tech-enabled platform to improve transparency, accelerate decision making, reduce business interruption, and guide organizations from recovery through to long term resilience.

Surefire Cyber is backed by Forgepoint Capital, the world’s most active early-stage venture capital firm focused on cybersecurity. Prior to launching Surefire Cyber, Gouveia joined Forgepoint as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence to incubate and develop the company’s strategy, model, technology, and team while establishing valuable partnerships with companies across the firm’s portfolio. “Our support from Forgepoint Capital enabled us to bring aboard a highly-experienced team of skilled responders, to develop a tech-enabled solution for collaboration with clients and partners during a response, and to leverage the leading cyber venture firm’s unmatched capabilities of over 30 portfolio companies so that our clients can better protect their data and defend their organizations,” continued Gouveia.

“Surefire Cyber has brought together leading responders with hands-on experience in preparing for all aspects of a cyber incident, expertise to collaboratively guide clients and partners through high-stakes response events, and skill in helping organizations emerge stronger,” said Don Dixon, Managing Director of Forgepoint Capital. “What Billy and team are building is truly unprecedented and serves a critical gap in the market.”


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