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Revolut Business Launches Invoices to Streamline Payments for UK and EU Businesses

Revolut Business Launches Invoices to Streamline Payments for UK and EU Businesses | Fintech Finance

Revolut Business has today added another handy feature to its one-stop-shop for all business financial needs. The Invoices tool was one of its most highly requested features from customers.

Revolut Business customers can now send professional Invoices simply from their Revolut Business accounts. Invoices can also be personalised for customers with a message in the email to provide a branded experience, and clients who receive this email can easily download a PDF for their records.

This tool also allows businesses to get paid faster by their customers directly into their Revolut Business account, by offering various payment options such as card payments, bank transfers or Apple Pay.

Business owners can track progress with this new feature and monitor Invoices from creation to finalising the document, by using real-time tracking and notifications. Businesses can also save valuable time with this tool as Invoices are automatically reconciled to reduce the number of admin tasks.

How to use this feature:

  • Go to the ‘Marketplace’ section in the Revolut Business app and select ‘Invoices’
  • Click on ‘New Invoice’ and fill out the information and press ‘Send’
  • Customer receives invoice and can make payment via hosted payment page

Thibaut Genevrier, Head of Product at Revolut Business Acquiring said: “We chose to add Invoices after hearing numerous requests from customers that this tool would save them time, cut back on administrative tasks and make their lives a whole lot easier. So we have done just that.”“We want our customers to get more from their business accounts, and with Invoices, customers can now handle all their finances from one place, from invoicing customers, to accepting payments, reconciling, and managing everything seamlessly.”


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