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Monday, December 04, 2023

sunday Unveils ‘Digital Tab,’ Bringing Open Tab in Bars to the Next Level

sunday, the leading payment solutions for restaurants, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking feature, “Digital Tab.” With this new feature, guests directly sit, open a tab via a QR code, bartenders can add drinks to the tab in the POS and guests seamlessly close out whenever they’re ready.

Seamless experience for the customer

Have you ever waited at a bar to open a tab and leave your credit card for hours in a box? And then waited to close your tab and get your credit card back? We bet you have.

Thanks to sunday, this era is over.

Digital tab makes this process seamless as guests can directly open a tab from their phone.

Customers can now scan a QR code, select “Open a Tab,” and register their credit card. This will open the tab directly on the point of sales in their name.

After they have ordered, gotten their drinks, and enjoyed their visit, guests can conveniently close their tab through sunday, providing options to split the bill, leave a tip, pay, and even leave a review—all within the same user-friendly interface they already love.

A better experience for staff

The feature also allows staff to save precious time. While guests no longer need to wait to open and close a tab, the staff is no longer huddling over the POS terminal swiping cards and splitting checks.

In the meantime, servers are no longer stuck shuffling through receipts. When a guest closes their tab, the payment plus tip will appear in the POS and the bill will close automatically.

As the feature has just been launched, many venues such as Clermont Hotel & Brewdog are already benefiting from Digital Tab.

“As a company dedicated to transforming the restaurant industry, we are thrilled to introduce Digital Tab. This feature is a testament to our commitment to streamlining operations, enhancing the guest experience, and propelling the industry forward. After optimizing restaurant operations, we now empower bars to prioritize what truly counts: delivering an exceptional experience to their guests.” said Christine de Wendel, Co-founder & CEO US of sunday.

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