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Monday, October 02, 2023

Marqeta Announces New Customers Giftbit, Vivian and Whistle, Continuing Embedded Finance Momentum

Marqeta (NASDAQ: MQ), the global modern card issuing platform, today announced new embedded finance customers Giftbit, Vivian and Whistle, showcasing how Marqeta’s platform enables non-financial services customers to integrate embedded banking and payment solutions into their products. This allows Marqeta customers to create seamless experiences that delight their users and result in greater customer loyalty and worker retention. Marqeta has continued to see momentum in embedded finance, with embedded finance customers counting for over half Marqeta’s bookings in the first half of 2023.

Embedded finance is also a key component in the $176B rewards and incentives market. Fast and flexible disbursement solutions are critical for companies looking to reward loyalty or payout for research participation, or employers seeking a modern way to incentivize their employees. Giftbit is an elegant platform for enterprises and small businesses, as well as schools and universities, to offer rewards and incentives to their employees and customers. Giftbit leverages Marqeta’s platform for faster, more flexible, disbursement solutions to their growing international customer base.

“Our customers value choice and flexibility, so modern prepaid cards are critical for rewards and incentives,” said Leif Baradoy, CEO of Giftbit. “Using Marqeta’s platform, Giftbit delivers a simple and remarkable prepaid reward experience to our customers and their recipients. We’re pleased to partner with Marqeta because of their expertise in payments and their innovative technology.”

Vivian Health is transforming how the healthcare industry hires. As the leading healthcare jobs marketplace, Vivian empowers a broad range of healthcare professionals to find jobs they love. The Vivian VIP program offers participating clinicians first access to new job openings. It also flags them to recruiters so clinicians hear back sooner on opportunities, and recruiters fill jobs faster. Now, with Marqeta, Vivian is providing cash rewards to travel clinicians with VIP Elite status – those who find roles on their platform. By leveraging Marqeta’s cutting-edge technology, Vivian can seamlessly issue disbursement cards, ensuring that these rewards are easily accessible to their valued healthcare professionals. Vivian believes that by recognizing their efforts and providing tangible rewards, they can foster a sense of loyalty and appreciation that extends far beyond the job search journey.

“We deeply value the tireless efforts and unwavering commitment of healthcare professionals who dedicate themselves to the well-being of patients,” expressed Parth Bhakta, CEO at Vivian. “In recognition of their exceptional contributions, we are delighted to introduce Vivian VIP Elite, a program designed to reward these hard-working individuals who find employment opportunities through our platform. Through our partnership with Marqeta, we are able to extend our gratitude with cash rewards to travel clinicians who achieve VIP Elite status,” continued Bhakta. “This small token of appreciation is our way of expressing our profound gratitude for their dedication to helping patients and overcoming the challenges they face in their noble profession.”

Whistle is an employee loyalty platform helping companies improve employee retention and productivity – in some cases by more than 25% in a few months. At the heart of the Whistle platform is a digital, rewards wallet powered by Marqeta. The reward and incentive technology has proven so effective, Whistle launched Whistle Rewards, a Reward-as-a-Service API that is among the easiest ways for software platforms to integrate rewards and incentives with any workflow. Technology companies from healthcare to construction are leveraging this new capability.

“It’s remarkably easy for our clients to send a reward, buy lunch for a remote team, or give everyone a budget to make a charitable contribution,” said Drew Carter, CEO of Whistle. “We are changing how companies build culture, reward employees, and motivate teams. Marqeta plays a critical role in making that experience effortless.”

“Embedded finance enables companies to create a seamless payments experience, helping them build loyalty among employees and reduce friction with their customers,” said Todd Pollak, Chief Revenue Officer, Marqeta. “In a highly competitive environment for talent, embedded finance offerings can make a lasting impression on potential workers and customers. Marqeta is thrilled to work with dynamic companies like Giftbit, Vivian and Whistle to help them develop innovative payments offerings with embedded finance, resulting in greater loyalty and retention for their customers and workforce.”

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