Wednesday, June 19, 2024

CatalystPay Appoints Hristian Nedyalkov as CPO to Become the Go-To Financial Partner for Scaling Online Businesses

With a record of over 8.2 million processed transactions in 2023 and 350+ served business clients, CatalystPay, a provider of tailored payment solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Hristian Nedyalkov as Chief Product Officer.

This key addition comes at an opportune moment, following CatalystPay’s recent achievement of profitability and setting the stage for the company’s planned expansion.

The Next Phase for CatalystPay

“Hristian’s appointment is a significant milestone for CatalystPay as we gear up for an ambitious phase of growth in the financial services sector,” said Kevin Hart, CEO of CatalystPay. “His profound expertise in fintech, coupled with a deep understanding of market needs, makes him the perfect leader to steer our product development and achieve our goal of becoming the all-in-one financial hub for scaling online businesses.”

“I am particularly fascinated by what the 10-strong team at CatalystPay have managed to achieve in such a short-timeframe and the explosive growth they are undergoing. The ability to join early on and have meaningful entrepreneurial impact on the future products offered by CatalystPay in the financial space is an incredible opportunity,” said Hristian Nedyalkov.

Who’s Hristian Nedyalkov?

A London School of Economics alumnus with an MSc in Finance and Private Equity, Hristian comes with a robust background in various verticals of finance and technology. Notably, he has been a visionary fintech founder and executive, having initiated and scaled impact-driven digital banks like Novus and GreenFin.

In one of his previous roles at the leading Swiss PE Fund Partners Group, he also worked on several high-profile Tech and Growth Equity investment transactions, including one of the most successful fintech companies today. His work there was also extensively focused on Value Creation initiatives within their Tech portfolio.

This blend of entrepreneurial drive and experience with large-scale financial processes equips him well for his new role at CatalystPay. As the company continues to evolve and expand its services, Hristian’s strategic vision and operational excellence will be instrumental.

CatalystPay’s Competitive Edge

Providing end-to-end guidance and exceptional customer support, CatalystPay is a payment technical provider that has already built a reputation for helping scaling eCommerce, SaaS, and other online businesses:

  • Streamline complex payment processes and provide superb payments experience
  • Ensure regulatory compliance at every step of the process
  • Get flexible payment terms, thanks to CatalystPay’s large and growing ecosystem of partners

From a highly reliable Payment Gateway to a comprehensive Merchant Accounts, CatalystPay’s platform and services have been designed with the purpose to serve the unique needs of fast-growing merchants and help them navigate the complex world of payments.

Hristian will now steer CatalystPay’s product vision and innovation pipeline, focusing on expanding the company’s suite of financial services. His role will be critical in fine-tuning existing offerings while exploring new avenues for growth.

CatalystPay currently boasts partnerships with 27 regulated financial institutions, emphasizing its potential for growth of a strong ecosystem. The incorporation of Hristian into the leadership team is set to amplify this footprint.

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