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Thursday, June 08, 2023
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NICE Actimize Uncovers Complex Financial Crime with Advanced Analytics in New AI-Powered ActOne Case Management

Inadequate enterprise case management results in investigator frustration and operational inefficiency. Taking on these challenges, NICE Actimize, a NICE (NASDAQ: NICE) business, today launched its ActOne10 Case Management solution to provide financial institutions with the speed, agility, intelligence, and connectivity to lead the way in fighting financial crime. ActOne10 is the next generation of NICE Actimize’s award-winning case manager that is trusted by leading global financial institutions and which supports over 300,000 analysts and investigators daily.

NICE Actimize’s AI-powered ActOne10 delivers dynamic workflow management, risk insights, and network analytics, all within a unified platform for solving complex financial crime by automating manual and repetitive steps, visualizing deeper insights, and proactively exposing associated risk. ActOne10 allows financial institutions to operate at the speed of risk while enhancing operational efficiency.

“Financial institutions require a powerful combination of intelligence, visualization, and automation to enable analysts and investigators to reduce investigation time, manage workflows, and enable smarter decisions,” said Craig Costigan, CEO, NICE Actimize. “Our market leading alert and case management solution meets the challenges of today and tomorrow, providing the heart and intelligence for financial crime-fighting units.”

NICE Actimize’s ActOne10 Case Management solution uncovers networked crime with cutting-edge network analytics to detect and explore complex use cases like money mule rings, nested correspondent banking, and many more. Among its key features are:

  • Advanced Network Analytics. Visually exploring network connections, NICE Actimize’s ActOne10 Case Management finds non-obvious connections between entities and ascertains inferred risk within the network.
  • Actionable Risk Insights. Reducing research time by delivering intelligence during investigations, ActOne10 removes the obstacles of integrating and maintaining data connectivity to insights from the ecosystem and automatically notifies analysts.
  • Dynamic Workflow. Providing dynamic, data-driven, risk-calibrated workflow to speed decisioning and improve efficiency while providing complete transparency and full audit.

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