Saturday, June 15, 2024

Ledgible Partners with CryptoCFOs to Expand Professional Education Offerings

Ledgible, the leading institutional and enterprise crypto tax and accounting platform, is joining forces with CryptoCFOs, the premier tax and accounting community for finance professionals in the crypto industry. Leading institutions, firms, and enterprises are looking to understand the evolving world of crypto tax and accounting. The need for reliable, secure, and compliant solutions to account for crypto and digital assets is critical to widespread adoption.

“With the growing adoption of digital assets, accounting and tax professionals need to understand the implications on accounting and taxes as many tax and accounting tools were not designed for the unique needs of cryptocurrency transactions,” said Kell Canty, CEO of Ledgible.

Ledgible and CryptoCFOs, will develop courses, resources, and tutorials to navigate the complex and evolving crypto landscape. The CryptoCFOs platform features exclusive access to valuable tax and accounting insights, expert analysis, live events, and up-to-date news on DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and blockchain.

“As the adoption of digital assets accelerates, finance professionals who possess in-depth knowledge and expertise have a clear competitive advantage in a blue ocean niche. By mastering the complexities of the latest crypto regulations and accounting standards, they are poised to offer services that capitalize on the colossally underserved emerging industry,” said Taylor Zork, CPA and CEO of CryptoCFOs.

The Ledgible Crypto Tax and Accounting Platform for tax and accounting professionals, enterprises, and institutions supports integrations across major blockchains, cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and professional accounting tools. As the bridge between crypto assets and traditional financial accounting, Ledgible determines crypto tax liabilities and delivers that data to existing and novel TradFi accounting tools. The platform makes crypto data, Ledgible, across the entire crypto vertical, for institutions, enterprises, and large accounting firms.

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