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Monday, June 05, 2023
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Leatherback partners with Currencycloud to facilitate neo banking across multiple jurisdictions

Financial technology company, Leatherback, has partnered with Currencycloud, a leading provider of B2B embedded cross-border solutions, to facilitate global neo banking and cross-border retail payments and collections services for its customers in multiple jurisdictions.

Leatherback CEO, Ibrahim Toyeeb, says the partnership with Currencycloud is crucial to Leatherback’s long-term growth plans. “Currencycloud has been offering multi-currency API and business solutions to operations such as ours for a long time. The partnership will allow us to expand into targeted markets more quickly and continue scaling.

“Also, in some of the markets we operate in, the average person finds it difficult to access basic functional financial services in some of the regions and countries Currencycloud operates in, such as the United States, Europe, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, and India. The partnership will also help address these issues,” he adds.

Currencycloud allows Leatherback to issue local collections accounts in the various countries, which means clients can start paying and receiving locally across multiple jurisdictions. Leatherback also offers affordable foreign exchange services, allowing clients to seamlessly move currency from one country to another, a service that the Currencycloud partnership will enhance.

Toyeeb says the relationship is indicative of Leatherback’s commitment to working with global and international partners to ensure the business can offer broader financial services to its customers and promote ease of business. “We hope to expand on this partnership to keep moving forward and continue to give our customers best-in-class financial services solutions.”

He says Currencycloud will benefit from Leatherback’s strategic positioning and client base in frontier markets. “Currencycloud has shown interest in potential expansion into frontier markets, and we expect to be strategically positioned to give Currencycloud inroads into these markets in the near future.

Steve Lemon, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Co-founder of Currencycloud, commented that Currencycloud intends to re-imagine the way money flows to create a better tomorrow for all. “Our partnership with Leatherback aims to do exactly that, and we’re looking forward to growing the partnership moving forward.”

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