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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Know Your Customer announces registry coverage expansion to the United States

Award-winning RegTech provider Know Your Customer has today announced the expansion of its registry coverage to include all 50 State registries in the United States.

Users of the solution will now be able to access official corporate information on 30+ million companies registered in the United States both through the highly intuitive Know Your Customer platform and single API. This update brings the total of countries covered by Know Your Customer to 126, further strengthening the company’s position as the No.1 KYB provider in the industry by breadth and depth of coverage.

Instead of relying on static information gathered in a database and only updated at intervals, Know Your Customer’s technology enables compliance teams and KYC analysts to embrace live, on-demand corporate data. In the exact moment that a new corporate client needs to be onboarded, compliance officers can trigger a request to the relevant company registry via the Know Your Customer platform or API. The most up-to-date corporate information available is downloaded right then. Details extracted from documents using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology are then presented in standardised formats and highly intuitive shareholding structures, automating the still mostly manual tracing and organisational chart drawing by compliance teams.

Corporate information retrieved from registries in the U.S. and globally is verified at the point of entry as well as continuously. Based on clients’ configuration settings, the KYC risk engine automatically applies the relevant profile to each corporate customer, triggering full KYB recertifications if and when required. The system then automatically and intuitively flags any material changes such as an address amendment, new appointments and removals of officers, directors and shareholders, and new filings of documents.

Claus Christensen, CEO & Co-Founder of Know Your Customer, commented: “By adding all 50 local registries in the United States to our coverage, we are equipping our clients with direct and easy access to the highest quality primary source data on U.S.-registered companies. Our technology gives them peace of mind that they are verifying their corporate customers through official company data and documents, instead of through out-of-date information from a static database. This announcement also represents a significant step for our company’s expansion into the US as the world’s largest market for RegTech solutions.”

In June 2022, Know Your Customer announced its most significant product release to date with a registry coverage expansion to 123 countries globally. These include potentially challenging registries for international businesses such as Hong Kong, Mainland China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands (BVIs). Since then, Know Your Customer added registry connections to Belize, Nigeria and, as of today, all 50 state registries in the United States.

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