Saturday, June 15, 2024

Swedish Pet-Tech Lassie Approaches 100 000 Customers and Launches in France

Lassie, the world’s first preventive pet insurance ecosystem, announces today its expansion to France following rapid growth in Sweden and Germany. This strategic decision comes as France ranks among the top three European countries in terms of pet ownership, with more than 53% of French households owning at least one dog or cat.

Pets hold a special place in the lives of their human companions, with 68% of French owners seeing them as true family members. As a result, pet owners spend 1224€ per year on their pets. Yet, despite their deep love and substantial investment, many French pet owners face a dilemma: the rising cost of veterinary care. These expenses are often underestimated which forces the tragic choice between animal’s health care and other financial commitments. As an example a simple operation for a fracture can cost up to 500€. Pet insurance now stands as a key solution for French pet owners to ensure the well being of their beloved four-legged friends.

Addressing this growing concern, Lassie has redefined pet insurance through launching the world’s first preventative pet insurance. Beyond providing a simple insurance platform, the company coaches owners to better care for their four-legged family members through courses and advice in return for reduced prices for its customers. Lassie now approaches 100,000 customers, covering more than 400 dog breeds and 200 cat breeds. Since its launch in Germany last year, Lassie is now experiencing rapid acceleration in demand and is experiencing annual growth of almost +300%. France constitutes the next strategic pillar for Lassie with a dedicated local team based in Paris with several open roles to be filled.

“Our four-legged family members are some of the most valuable parts of our lives – they provide love, companionship and happiness. In return, we want to ensure that they have long, happy, and most importantly, healthy lives. This is what we set out to do with Lassie and by expanding to France we are now taking the next step to do this at a pan-European Pet Health Platform,” says Lassie’s co-founder and CEO Hedda Båverud Olsson, who was inspired to start Lassie by her mother, a veterinarian

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