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Monday, March 27, 2023
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HooYu launches video identification journey to support German and Spanish KYC regulations

HooYu has launched Video-ID, a live video agent interview that meets the stringent KYC demands in European markets such as Germany and Spain.

Video-ID is engineered for a web browser onboarding journey, meaning the user isn’t forced to download an app purely for video verification, in stark contrast with the poor user experience delivered by incumbent providers.

The HooYu Video-ID product has customers speaking to a certified, secure video agent in a timeframe that is significantly quicker than many users experience with current providers. With a better web journey and by reducing unnecessarily long wait times, Video-ID reduces the threat of customer abandonment and strengthens brand perception at onboarding.

The new service will enable human-led verification of identity documents, namely passports, ID cards, and residence permits whilst also performing liveness detection and facial biometrics.

The HooYu expertise in UI and UX has been carefully applied to the video journey so that customer frustrations are pre-empted and solved for before they can build up. For example, Video-ID automatically checks that the user’s internet connection is strong enough to carry out the journey before allowing them to progress. Guidance is given to users to ensure that they have the right ID document to hand for a smooth Video-ID journey and users can select which language they want the agent to converse with them in.

“Several of our European clients have asked if we can power their KYC video process because they are seeing long wait times and an awkward customer journey where the user is forced to download a third-party app to complete the video process. We’ve applied the HooYu approach to UI and UX considerations resulting in a smoother journey with less drop out”, commented David Pope, HooYu Marketing Director.

Configurability and customisation are at the heart of all HooYu journeys, so a Video-ID journey can be triggered via the client portal, via API, or via the HooYu SDK.  In Germany, clients can trigger a Schufa identity database check to confirm name, address, date of birth and mortality checks in isolation, or in conjunction with the Video-ID journey.

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